Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”

Anthony L.D; Angelo

Dear students,

I would like to convey how to sow seed of success through this massage. Every success is the result of passion, determination, dedication, and hard work. A seed has to face many barriers in the process of becoming a small plant and small plant has to go through various changes and harsh weather, extreme heat and cold, storms and many more. But, it can survive in these extreme condition only by having courage and determination.

In the same way as a student, you may have favourable and unfavourable circumstances but it is your passion which decides your success. Your regular learning will lead you to the path of success. Do not allow your negative feelings to surpass your positive aspirations. You are going to be a teacher who has direct involvement in nation’s building as you deal with the future of nation (students). You need to move on the path of polishing (improving) yourself. Apart from basic human values-humbleness, kindness and humanity should be an important part of your personality. So, saw the seed of success, watered it with hard work. But before being a successful person you must be a beautiful soul filled with kindness, humbleness, and politeness.



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